Sony TV Instructional Videos

Sony Smart TV Instructional Videos

How do I do that again?  Oh no it's after their work hours!!  We understand.  These TV's are loaded with many features, and it's hard to remember every detail.  That's why we made these videos along with our instruction manuals.  We want your purchase to be as seamless as possible, and this is just another way we can make it easier for you.  Take a look below at these videos which go over common Smart TV features of Sony TV's.  You can always contact Sony too, at 1-800-222-7669.
Sony TV Voice Search & App Videos
How To Use Your Sony TV Voice Search
What are the Sony TV Voice Commands?
What is Google Assistant?
Meet Google Assistant, offering new search features, and commands for your Sony TV.  Some TV's (2016 & before) may not be compatible with this feature
Where Are My TV Apps?
Using Your TV Remote to Control Your Cable/Satellite Box & Bluray Player
Using Your Sony TV Remote to Operate your Cable or Satellite Box
Using Your Sony TV Remote to Operate your Bluray Player
 When you are done using your Sony remote to control your Sony Bluray press the stop button at the bottom of the Sony TV remote and then press the TV button near the middle of the remote.  If the remote was setup correctly this should take you back to your TV input.
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