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Nothing is more important than the intelligibility of your Sound and Hearing it clearly.  Acoustic problems can come from many forms, including reverberation, or background noise.  Structures, and wall & floor materials also affect room acoustics. The number one thing overlooked in audio systems is the design of your audio system and the simulation of how sound will travel.  Fisher Electronics can offer site consultation, and acoustic measurement for your space.  This information is then computer simulated to offer the best choice of audio for your space.  

Assisted Listening Systems can also offer a great solution for your space.  These are not the same as your hearing aid, however some hearing aids can work directly with these systems.  Assisted Listening Systems help eliminate background noise, echo, and can offer the audio directly where the person is instead of where the speaker is.  For some people these systems offer the perfect solution.

From Auditoriums, Gymnasiums, Restaurants & Churches, to Baseball & Football fields, allow us to offer you a solution for a up to date modern new Audio System.  Video Systems are also available with large displays and or multiple displays for your space.  
Products & Services
Church Audio & Video
  • New Worship Audio Systems 
  • Worship Audio System Repair
  • Assisted Listening Systems
  • Video Display Systems
  • TV Installations & Mountings
  • AV Recording Systems
School Audio & Video
  • Gymnasium Audio Systems
  • Auditorium Audio Systems
  • Outdoor Field Audio Systems
  • Paging / Hallway Audio Systems
  • Smartboard / Video Systems 
Business/Restaurant AV
  • TV Display Installation including Mounting & Setup
  • Video Distribution Systems for Multiple TV's
  • Indoor Audio Systems
  • Outdoor Deck/Patio Audio Systems

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