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In today's homes clutter can sometimes be constant no matter how much we cleanup.  More and more consumers are looking to reduce this clutter and rightfully so.  We want our homes and rooms to always look clean, clutter free, and inviting.  Make your TV room more clutter free and inviting by having your TV mounted on the wall, in the corner, or above your Fireplace.  TV Mounting in a popular option and consumers, like to mount their TV on a standard wall, on their fireplace, and mount their equipment behind their TV.  These options can take the focus off your TV sitting on a stand appearing like clutter, open your room, and allow the focus of your room to change for the better.  Allow us to give you suggestions on TV placement, and also equipment placement including A/V wall shelves. 

There are now many more options available for your equipment including Mounting your equipment behind your TV, A/V Wall shelves, Hidden closet spaces, & floor stands.  Each room and home is different, when your ready to buy a new TV sometimes moving the location of your TV and equipment or mounting your TV is a great option.  Sometimes our rooms can seem boring to us, and a change would help.  This is why we offer new sale In Home TV or Electronics Consultations which usually are free, to offer solutions on the best TV (including size) and equipment for you and the best placement of it.  In the end we find this makes your room look, feel, and work the best for you.  See our In Home Consultation page for more information or give us a call.

If you are ready or want to inquire about mounting your TV on your wall or fireplace, give us a call or fill out our form at the bottom of this page with your information and type of service you would like.  While not required a picture of the wall or area will be very helpful, and we may ask for one after we receive your information.  After you submit your form we will contact you to go over your job and answer any other questions you have.  Don't wait, were ready to help!
Fireplace TV Installations
Standard TV Installations
Hidden Equipment TV Installations
Our Mounting Services
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TV Setup
  • TV Installation regardless of where you bought it from
  • Connect TV to Cable / Satellite Box
  • Connect TV to DVD / Games
  • Connect Soundbar to TV
  • Connect Home Theater to TV
  • Connect Smart TV to Wifi
  • Setup Apps & Voice Remote
  • Perform any needed Software updates
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Flat TV Wall Mountings
  • Mounting Flat Panel TV to standard Frame Drywall
  • Mounting Flat Panel TV to Concrete or Block wall
  • Mounting Soundbar to Wall 
  • Recessed Electricity in Drywall
  • Recessed Wires in Drywall
  • Raceway Track Available
  • TV & Equipment Setup Included
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Full Motion TV Mounting
  • Mounting Flat Panel TV with Full Motion Mount
  • Turn Your TV left, right, up and down
  • Corner Installations available
  • Recessed Wires & Electricity Available
  • Raceway Track Available
  • Soundbar mounting Available
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Fireplace TV Mounting
  • Mounting TV to Existing Fireplaces
  • Mounting TV to New Fireplaces
  • Connecting Soundbar to TV is Available
  • Recessed Wiring & Electricity in New Fireplaces
  • Raceway Track Available
  • Setup Apps & Voice Remote
  • Perform any needed Software updates
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Recessed TV Wall Mounting
  • Completely Recessed TV Mount inside Standard frame Drywall (Requires 16" Stud Framing)
  • Recessed Electricity & Wiring In Drywall
  • TV Recesses almost totally flat against your wall
  • Available in Drywall only
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AV Wall Shelves
  • AV Wall Shelves allow you to eliminate a floor stand and free up valuable floor space
  • AV TV Shelves allow you to place your equipment directly with your mounted TV, freeing up valuable space below

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