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Fisher Electronics

Showing the Future of High Definition

Business Audio & Video
  • Church Audio & Video System Design & Installation
  • School Audio & Video Systems
  • Gymnasium, Auditorium, Outdoor Fields & Paging System Design
  • Restaurant Video Distribution & TV Mounting/Installation
  • Business Audio & Video Design & Installation
TV Installations
  • Audio & Video Installations whether you purchased it from us or not
  • TV Wall or Fireplace Mounting
  • TV Installation & Setup
  • A/V Installation
  • Home Theatre Installation
Home Theatre
  • Home Theatre Installations including:
  • In wall or Ceiling Speaker Installation
  • New or Existing floor Speakers
  • New Home Theatre Room Construction
  • Home Renovations Including Home Theatre Rooms
Sony Televisions
  • Searching for a new TV?
  • Ready to step into 4K HDTV?
  • We offer New Sony 4K HDR TV's with sizes from 32" up to 100" including Delivery & Installation.

Sony Sound bars
  • Add More Depth to your Sound
  • Create a Surround Sound experience with up to 7.1 Channels
  • Wireless Subwoofers
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Media Streaming Available
Video Tape copying
  • Video Tape Transfer to DVD
  • Video Camera Transfer to DVD
  • Audio Cassette Tape Transfer to CD
  • DVD Copies
  • Available in 65", 75" & 100"
  • New Master Backlight Drive
  • New 4K X1 Extreme HDR Graphics Processor
  • This Set made TV of the Year See it Here
  • See more reviews Here, & Here

When you are ready to stop in please Call, Text (419.668.5131) or click Set An Appointment, to make sure we are in the office.  Sometimes (not always) we are out of the office performing TV & Home Theatre Installations, or consultations.
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