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Is your TV not working?  Are you looking for a repair quote for your TV?  Click or tap television repair below, and we will provide a free quote on what a service call & parts repair could be for your TV.  Our quotes provide convenient in home service on your TV, where a technician will come to your house and repair your TV.

If your having different types problems with your TV, or you need to program a new Cable remote to your TV, or want to know how to use the Voice Search on your Sony TV see our guides below.  We try to address the most common problems that can happen and provide quick solutions.  While we may not have all the answers another great resource to check for problems or find the manual to your Sony TV is HERE.  When there, enter your Sony model in the search bar at the top right.  You can always contact Sony if we are unavailable, at 1-800-222-7669.
TV picture & audio problems
  • TV Audio Problems
  • TV Video Problems
  • TV Voice Search or Netflix problems
  • Sony TV Software Update Instructions
television repair
  • Free TV Repair quotes
  • In Home TV Service
  • Quote will provide a price range for service call and parts repair
Sony cable remote codes
  • Time Warner Cable Remote Codes
  • Spectrum Cable Remote Codes
Sony voice remote instructions
  • Sony Remote Voice Search Instructions
  • Applies to certain 2015 - 2017 Android TV Models
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