Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar

2.1 Channel Soundbar with Bluetooth  $599.99
    Was $799   Save $200
  • Model HTNT5
  • 400 Watt Total Output Power
  • High Resolution Audio
  • 6.1 Channel Amplifiers
  • S-Force 2.1 Front Surround
  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming
Soundbar Dimensions
42.51" x 2.28" x 5.00" inch 
(W X H X D)
Subwoofer Dimensions
7.48" x 15.04" x 15.20" inch 
(W X H X D)
Sony HTNT5 Features

High-Resolution Audio for uncompromising sound

Experience digital music to the fullest with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bit-rate accuracy of each sample, High-Resolution Audio offers an uncompromised rendition of an artists’ music. Savor every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) playback for High-Resolution Audio

Enjoy studio-quality sound, thanks to the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio codec — designed specifically for High-Resolution Audio. This 1-bit format utilizes a stream of very high frequency 1s and 0s to recreate audio waveforms at a higher resolution than conventional codecs. The result is clearer, crisper, High-Resolution Audio quality.

Discrete 6-channel S-Master HX amplification

Enjoy the best High-Resolution Audio experience with the S-Master HX digital amplifier. Using a simplified and fully digital signal path, S-Master HX reproduces the subtleties and wide frequency range of high-resolution formats. Unlike conventional amplifiers, it maintains the digital signal until right before the speaker output, eliminating distortion — for High-Resolution Audio, just as the artist intended.

Ultra-slim design for minimum intrusion

At only 2.5” (6.4cm) tall, the ultra-slim premium finish is designed to fit simply in front of your TV without blocking the screen or interfering with IR receivers. Its sleek profile also lends itself well to a number of wall mounting options.


The HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) lets you connect to your TV with a single cable.

Bluetooth® wireless streaming

Stream all your favorite music wirelessly from your smartphone with Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Wireless subwoofer for flexible setup

Add impact to movies with rich, powerful bass. Position the 15" (38 cm) wireless subwoofer anywhere in the room to enjoy rich, resounding bass with fine low-end detail thanks to a bass-reflex port. The compact, stylish black unit blends in with any décor.

Works with Google Home

With Google Home, you can voice control Sony's audio products. With a simple voice command, you can play music from popular music services by artist, song, genre, album, playlist, mood or activity.

Set your music free with Multi-room listening

Fill your home with the sound of your favorite tracks, thanks to multi-room listening. Use the SongPal app to group selected Sony sound bars and speakers together, then stream music from a PC or your home network in multiple rooms throughout your home. It's the perfect way to enjoy your favorite songs without being tied to one room.

Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar Inputs/Outputs
1 HDMI Output (ARC); 3 HDMI Inputs; 1 Optical Input; 1 Analog Input; 1 USB Input; 1 Ethernet Input
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