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In Home Audio & Video Consultations
Did you know we offer FREE In Home TV, Audio, & Home Theater Consultations.  If your within approximately a 30 mile range from our shop, and are planning on purchasing a new TV, Home Audio System, Wireless Speaker System, or Home Theater then allow us to come out to your home and offer the best options, ideas & solutions for you.  We find when consumers are upgrading their TV, mounting their TV, or choosing a Home Theater this can sometimes involve changing the layout of the room, researching new electronics, and finding the correct items.  Our In Home Consultation is an excellent choice when this happens.

This may sound odd, however you would be surprised at how much this can help consumers make the best decision and offer a peace of mind on their purchase.  In some cases the entire layout of your room can change, maybe your wondering what would be the best options, and location for your TV.  This is why we will come out, look over your space and your equipment, and offer our recommendations for locations on where you can place your TV and equipment.  In most cases we will even bring out cutouts of different screen sizes to show you what a new TV will look like in certain locations.  These locations can include on a stand, mounted on a wall, or mounted above a fireplace.  Many consumers like to see what different TV sizes will look like at a specific location in their room, and these visual representations offer excellent solutions for that. 

Our In Home Consultations also includes Wireless Network System Design, Education, & Installation.  Whether your building a new home or not, today's internet is at the heart of many things we do.  Having the right Wireless Network is crucial in making sure you don't have dead spots, a slow connection, or no connection at all.  Allow us to offer you a Home Network solution.

In Home Consultations can also include many other options.  Some of these include Home Theater Room design, layout, and equipment choices, wireless speaker choices for your entire home, home wireless network setup, and choices to cut the cord from your cable provider with new ways to get your TV.  See our list of In Home Consultation services below.

In the end it is your home and room, your the one who is using that space, and we want you to make the best decision possible for your environment.  Many clients thank us for coming out and offering an in home consultation as it sometimes gives them more options to think about, but ultimately allows them to make the best decision and one they don't regret.  So if your ready to purchase a new TV, have a Home Theater installed, change the layout of your room, or considering where and what size of TV works best for your space, call us, fill out our form below, or click schedule a consultation at the bottom of this page.  Were here and ready to help!
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In Home TV, Home Theater & AV Consultations
  • TV Wall Mounting Consultations
  • TV Fireplace Mounting Consultations
  • New Home Electronics Consultations
  • TV Relocation Consultations
  • Home Theater Room Consultations
  • Home Audio System Consultations
  • Wireless Speaker System Consultations
4K Smart TVs, App
4K Smart TV's, & Application Setup with Explanation
  • Smart TV Application Setup with Explanation (Netflix, Cord Cutting Apps etc...)
  • We can design your space and offer 4K TV choices & sizes
  • We can offer multiple TV model choices for simple TV watching or the ultimate Home Theater
  • We can offer Smart TV choices with voice internet search
  • We can offer ways to cut your cord from Cable & Satellite
Wireless Music Streaming, In home audio, whole home audio
Stream your Music
  • Listen to Music around your home by going wireless
  • Stream your music from your mobile device to wireless speakers all throughout your home
New home electronics consultations, electronics consultations, TV Installations, TV setup, northern ohio TV sales, TV installation near me
Mount Your TV
  • Improve your TV experience by mounting your TV
  • Create more floor space and open up your room
  • In Home TV Wall Mounting Consultations
  • We offer TV location & size choices with a step by step process of the job
Wireless Network Setup, Wireless network installation, Network installation near me
Home Wireless Network Setup
  • For New & Existing Homes
  • Onsite Wireless Network Home Consultations
  • Featuring Design, Education, & Installation of Wireless Home Network Systems
  • New & Existing Wireless Network Installation & Setup
Wireless Music Streaming, In home audio, whole home audio
How Does it Work
  • Signup - Fill out our form below (or call us at 419.668.5131)
  • Consultation - We will visit you and explain what we can do for your home
  • After - Think about your options and decide on your items
  • Finish - We will order your items and schedule delivery & installation for you. 

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