Black Friday 2017

Sony Televisions & Soundbars
It's Here!!  Black Friday 2017, and we have Sony TV's & Soundbars price matched to all the competition.  What's even better is you DO NOT have to wait until Black Friday to get your deals.  We have made this as easy as possible for you.  Black Friday Pricing starts Monday November 20th.  So save yourself the trouble and call us ahead of time to order your TV or Soundbar for pickup or setup a delivery.  You can even purchase it before then...(see below).

Save yourself even more time by calling us now to purchase your TV or Soundbar at Black Friday Prices.  You can choose if you want it delivered and setup, or to pick it up in our store.  If you decide to stop in we recommend calling us to make sure we are in the shop.  We have been busy on consultations and installing new TV's.  It's best to have us look over your area and then order your products, or just order by phone with us.  Remember not to wait until Black Friday to buy your TV, when you can buy it now and get the same pricing.
Sony KDL40W600, KDL48W650D
Sony W600/650D
KDL32W600D      $299.99
 KDL48W650D      $449.99 
Sony KD43X720E, Sony KD49X720E, Sony KD55X720E, Sony KD60X690E, Sony KD70X690E
Sony X690/X720E
KD43X720E      Save $30
  Was $579        Now $549

KD49X720E      Save $50
  Was $649        Now $599

KD55X720E      Save $50
   Was $749        Now $699

KD60X690E     Save $200
Was $999       Now $799

KD70X690E     Save $600
 Was $1799      Now $1199
Sony XBR43X800E, Sony XBR49X800E, Sony 55X800E
Sony X800E
XBR43X800E      Save $150
 Was $749           Now $599

XBR49X800E      Save $150
 Was $849           Now $699

XBR55X800E      Save $400
 Was $1199          Now $799

Sony XBR65X850E, Sony XBR75X850E, Sony XBR85X850D
Sony X850E
XBR65X850E      Save $600
 Was $1799         Now $1199

XBR75X850E      Save $1000
Was $2999        Now $1999

XBR85X850D      Save $1000
 Was $5999        Now $4999

Sony XBR49X900E, Sony XBR55X900E, Sony XBR65X900E, Sony XBR75X900E
Sony X900E
XBR49X900E      Save $300
 Was $1199          Now $899

XBR55X900E      Save $300
Was $1299         Now $999

XBR65X900E      Save $500
  Was $1999         Now $1499

XBR75X900E      Save $700
  Was $3499        Now $2799

Sony XBR55X930E, Sony XBR65X930E, Sony XBR75X940E
Sony X930E/940E
XBR55X930E      Save $500
 Was $1999        Now $1499

XBR65X930E      Save $1000
Was $2999        Now $1999

XBR75X940E      Save $200
  Was $4499        Now $4299

Sony XBR55A1E, Sony XBR65A1E, Sony XBR77A1E
XBR55A1E       Save $800
 Was $3299     Now $2499

XBR65A1E       Save $1000
Was $4499    Now $3499

XBR77A1E       Save $3000
  Was $17,999  Now $14,999

Sony XBR65Z9D, Sony XBR75Z9D, Sony XBR100Z9D
Sony Z9D
XBR65Z9D       Save $500
  Was $3999     Now $3499

 XBR75Z9D        Save $2000
 Was $8999      Now $6999

XBR100Z9D          $59,999

Sony HTCT800, HTCT800 Soundbar
Sony HTCT800 Soundbar
HTCT800       Save $200
 Was $499     Now $299

Sony XBR49X900E, Sony XBR55X900E, Sony XBR65X900E, Sony XBR75X900E
Sony HTNT5 Soundbar
HTNT5               Save $200
 Was $799          Now $599

Sony HTST5000, Sony HTST5000 Soundbar
Sony HTST5000 Soundbar
HTST5000      Save $300
 Was $1499        Now $1199

When you are ready to stop in please Call, Text (419.668.5131) or choose Schedule a Consultation, to make sure we are in the office.  Sometimes (not always) we are out of the office performing TV & Home Theater Installations, or Consultations.  Whether it's during or after our business hours, save yourself a trip by calling us, contacting us or emailing us (email us below) when your ready to purchase your TV, mount your TV, transfer your tapes, or setup your Home Theater Installation. 
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